International Student Application Requirements

Requirements for non- US citizens to submit for U.S. State Department approval to attend H&K classes in the US.
Please be advised that non-US citizens must receive approval from the US Department of State prior to attending any H&K training classes. In order to begin the process to obtain U.S. State Department approval, H&K requires the following:

  1. $250.00 USD application fee per submission, due prior to US State Department application. Credit cards are recommended, as this is generally the quickest method and funds must be received before the application process can begin. This fee is non-refundable, regardless of cancellation, date change, student substitution or application disapproval. Please include payment information on the student registration form.
  2. Completed student registration form for each student attending. (attached below) Please print clearly.
  3. Legible copy of current Passport for each student.
  4.  A memorandum on Department/Agency letterhead stationary containing the following:
  • Department or Agency
  •  Name of Student/Students
  • Nationality of the Student/Students
  • Date of Birth of Student/Students
  • Type of Training Requested (ex: MP5/BTG Armorer).
  • Dates of Training Requested (ex: JAN 11-13, 2024)
  • Dollar Amount of Tuition (# of students x $XXX.00 ea – application fee is separate)
  • Location of Training (ex: Columbus, GA)

*We must allow for at least 10-12 weeks in advance for H&K to process your application and receive approval from the US Department of State upon H&K’s receipt of the above mentioned documents and application fee. Tuition payment is required prior to the start date of the course, once approved.