HK Armorer courses are structured to provide each student with a practical understanding of the advanced features that make HK firearms unique. Armorer training classes are a mixture of classroom instruction and hands-on exercises, enabling each student to achieve a high degree of familiarity with the topics covered.

HK Training and Technical Services currently offers a full range of armorer’s courses on Heckler & Koch products to American law enforcement and U.S. military customers.

Armorer’s courses are held at the HK facility in Ashburn, Virginia, near Washington D.C. Off-site instruction can also be conducted by special arrangement. Heckler & Koch training is open only to the U.S. military, credentialed members of U.S. federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, and the armed forces and police of allied nations.

Topics covered include:
• Nomenclature
• Cycle of functioning
• Care, cleaning, & lubrication
• Preventive & corrective maintenance
• Operator use
• Field & detail stripping • Troubleshooting
• Special tools & gauges

All classes are limited, so please register early. Classes are specifically designed for military and law enforcement armorers and are not open to the general public. HK Armorer Certifications are awarded to all participants who successfully complete armorer instruction. Prior to earning an HK Armorer Certification, students must pass knowledge and proficiency exams. Certification is valid for a three-year period. To recertify, students must attend again.

Tuition Costs are based on the total number of days attended within a one week block of instruction:
1 to 5 day Modules are available and class size limited.


For information about hosting an HK Armorer’s course within the U.S., please contact Bob Schultz, HK Training and Technical Services at 703- 450-1900 ext. 1241.